The company is being led based on the following philosophy:



- Flexibility:

We try to adapt ourselves to the needs of our customers. Our aim is to achieve the highest level of service in aspect of execution, finance and further demands. We react fast to the fast paced changing circumstances.


- Fairness:

We place a great emphasis on trust and mutual advantage during cooperation with our partners and subcontractors. We are obliged to acknowledge the results of our competitors and strive to fairly cooperate with them.


- Quality:

We know from experience that the existence of quality management system does not assure the high quality of execution. We are justified by our clients. Several years of international experience and high level of quality expectations of our international clients (German) assure that we produce first class quality. We don’t just speak about quality but we assure it.


- Acknowledgement:

Our long term goal is to assure the ethical and financial acknowledgement to the work of our coworkers in order to create a stable workplace for them. We pay high level of attention to acknowledge their work performance since we know that our success could not have been achieved without them.


- Community:

We consider the support of education and sport and other charitable associations very important.


- Development:

We develop ourselves constantly. We strive to fulfill the constant requirements and challenges of the market. We profess that having a multiple sources of income can help us to get over the difficult periods.