Business house Galagol



The former school facility of village Gerjen has rebuilt by our company to a commercial and additional service providing facility.


This service providing facility is the proof that we have to find the development among the opportunities. A company having its main profile in construction industry can have another opinion about this. An angler’s store and a grocery store can be found in the business house.

 The angler’s store can provide fishing equipment and other accessories for the local anglers. The speciality of the grocery store is that the chemicals, cleaning materials and the groceries are being sold in separate rooms. A classic farmer’s store operates in the same building as well, in which products for framing moreover materials and tools for facility maintenance can be found. A flower shop and internet café widen the range of services of the service providing facility. A market is operating under well-ordered circumstances on the courtyard of the facility.

The above mentioned branches can prove that a social building can henceforward serve the community as a facility based on business interests.